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In Ground Vinyl Liner Pools

Whether entertaining family and friends, enjoying quality time with the kids or taking those rare personal moments to unwind, Savile Pool and Spa offers a wide array of options to fulfill your individual requirements. They will work with you to decide on a design with the lines and curves that will enhance your home and transform your backyard into your own retreat.


Kafko Pools are Savile Pools vinyl lined pool kit supplier. Their precision quality steel wall kits are manufactured for durability and years of service. We also can design and create many Custom Pool shapes. They are custom fitted with liners that retain an even vinyl thickness throughout the pool for long lasting performance and fade resistant beauty. For more details on the quality of materials of the Kafko pool kits.

Click to see Stock Pool Shapes & Sizes
Savile Pool and Spa will start by showing you the different shapes and sizes available which will allow you to create a luxurious and inviting setting for any type of backyard. They can create a computerized colored backyard drawing to show you exactly what the finished layout will look like. 

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Once the shape and size is determined, the next step is selecting a pool liner. Kafko liners are available in a wide variety of printed, plain and border patterns, which can be custom designed for your special shape.